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The Big Ideas Fintech Will Tackle in 2021, the Future of BaaS, Signals of Rising Institutional Interest in Bitcoin

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Hey fintech friends,
This week we look at the big ideas fintech will tackle in 2021, in a good summary by the a16z fintech team, Baas players migrating towards becoming fintech-as-a-service providers, Bitcoin price rockets, with an always rising institutional interest on it, a new series of interesting acquisitions, plus much more.
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This is the last edition of the year as I’ll be taking a break for myself, so next time you hear from me will be in January. Hope you can also find time to unwind, relax and celebrate.
Until next year, take care!

This Week in Fintech
The Big Ideas Fintech Will Tackle in 2021
Funding, Merger & Acquisitions
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